Dentures & Partial Dentures

High End Dentures for Tustin and Orange County

If you have damaged, missing, or broken teeth or are dissatisfied with your smile, dental implants may be the perfect solution. At Raymond Choi, DDS we offer high end, high quality dentures. We provide complete or partial dentures. Our team is here to serve our Orange County residents and can answer any questions you may have about dentures.

A denture is a removable dental device used to replace missing teeth. We make our dentures individually, so whether you have partial or complete dentures, your smile will look completely natural!

There are two types of dentures, “partial” and “complete.” Partial dentures are used when only one or some of your teeth need to be replaced and help prevent your remaining teeth from shifting. Complete dentures replace your entire upper or lower teeth, or both.

Complete dentures may either come in “conventional” or “immediate.” Conventional dentures are made after your gums have had time to heal after the removal of the teeth. This usually takes 4-6 weeks and patients will go without teeth during this time. Conventional dentures ensure that your dentures will fit perfectly as soon as they are placed, and should require fewer adjustment appointments. Immediate dentures are those that are placed immediately after the removal of teeth because the dentures are made in advance. Because the gums will still be healing after they are placed, additional appointments may be needed for adjustments. However, with this method patients will not have to go without teeth for a period of time.

Process for dentures

The process for getting dentures typically requires several appointments over several weeks to create the dentures and ensure a proper fit. Impressions will be taken to create your custom denture and ensure a good fit. Several appointments may be needed to ensure the shape, color, and fit of your dentures. It is normal for patients to experience increased saliva flow, soreness, and chewing or speech difficulty while they are adjusting to their new dentures. This will subside when your muscles get used to the new dentures.

We offer cosmetic digital dentures for a more accurate fit and younger and natural looking smile. New dentures are created using computer technology which makes the denture fit more tightly and comfortably.

Dr. Choi’s Experience with Dentures

Dr. Choi realized early in his career that dental school had not properly prepared him to handle denture patients and decided to learn all there was about dentures. He learned and developed techniques to set denture teeth for their utmost beauty and natural appearance as well as optimal function. Dr. Choi uses special techniques to capture even the most difficult patient’s bite accurately and precisely. This results in a more comfortable eating ability for the patient and less bone loss and sore spots after denture placement.

Dentures in the U.S. typically can last for twelve to fifteen years. Typically, denture wearers do not want to get new dentures very often because they dread the thought of having to get used to the new dentures or are unsure of the final outcome, mainly its appearance.

Many typical dentures are made with inexpensive teeth which wear down rapidly in time and create multiple problems. As teeth wear, the lower jaw moves down and forward, resulting in an older appearance. It also changes a person’s bite and puts strain on the jaw joints and muscles. Dentures without proper and timely relines will cause more bone loss. This usually happens gradually and often goes unnoticed. As bone recedes under the denture, the upper front teeth look shorter and shorter as time progresses. When a person smiles, it almost appears as if they have no teeth since there are no upper front teeth visible. Shorter upper front teeth are often associated with aging. Alternatively, Dr. Choi uses special techniques and better materials to create dentures that fit properly. With a properly created smile, a person will appear many years younger and more natural.

Yes, implants can be combined with Cosmetic Digital Dentures for even better function and comfort for patients.