Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Raymond Choi is a member of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. If you are missing a tooth or several teeth, Dr. Choi can provide you with a brand new smile through the use of regular or mini dental implants.

Mini Dental Implants (MDIs) eliminate the need for surgery and require fewer dental visits for placement. MDIs are commonly used to stabilize dentures and overdentures. They can eliminate bone grafting and decrease treatment time. With full implants, bone grafting is usually required with a longer recovery period while the implant embeds itself into the jawbone. With MDIs no recovery period is necessary and the denture can be fitted in one day.

An MDI is a small dental implant that is similar to a screw and is made from titanium with calcium phosphate. This structure allows for quick healing and positive results. The head of the implant looks like a ball, this ball fits into a mechanism that holds the dentures at a certain level. The dentures can sit comfortable on your gums and are able to withstand the pressures of eating and chewing.

MDIs have many advantages over full implants. They offer treatment for patients who have experienced bone loss and do not require bone grafting. If the jawbone at the implant site is dense enough, up to four mini implants can be implanted at one time. MDIs do not require invasive surgery and they minimize costs. They are most often used to stabilize lower dentures but can be placed anywhere in the mouth.

MDIs allow for better smelling breath, clearer speech, easier chewing and biting, and firmer denture fits. They have a high success rate of implantation and do not require cutting or sutures. You will no longer need adhesives or bonding agents that are required for dentures. Eliminate the discomfort and embarrassment of dentures with mini dental implants!