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If you have dental work that needs to be done but you’ve been putting it off for fear or anxiety, let us help! We are happy to offer our patients sedation dentistry to help you get the care you need and be completely relaxed and maybe even enjoy it! Dr. Choi offers new and safe sedation dentistry techniques to his Tustin, CA patients allowing them to have years of oral health treatments completed quickly and with little to no discomfort.

Sedation is also a great option for patients who have several different treatments that need to be done. You’ll be relaxed and think the time has flown by, and you can leave with having all your dental work done.

We will sedate you just enough that you are unaware of the treatment. You will wake up feeling refreshed, with little to no memory of what work was performed. We will make sure that you are completely comfortable during your treatment.

Many procedures can be completed under sedation dentistry. Dr. Choi is able to do porcelain veneers, replace crowns or dentures, restore gums and remove decay or inflammation, whiten teeth, and fix chipped tooth to name just a few procedures.

People who have high fear of the dentist, have had traumatic dental experiences, anyone who has difficulty getting numb, bad gag reflexes, or sensitive teeth. If you have complex dental problems or a limited time to complete care, sedation is right for you. Patients that hate needles, shots, and the noises and smells of dental care should consider sedation dentistry. If you have been afraid or embarrassed about your teeth or the amount of time you have allowed to go by due to fear of the dentist, you should contact us about sedation dentistry.  

Yes, sedation dentistry is closely regulated by the law. It is only administered through our trained staff. We closely monitor all of our patients’ vital signs when they undergo sedation.

How long your sedation takes to wear off depends on the type of sedation you and your dentist have decided to use. Some kinds of sedation wear off immediately and you are able to drive yourself home, others will require you to have a friend or family member drive you home from  your appointment.

Most often, you will not feel anything. You will experience very little discomfort, if any, and will be completely relaxed. Most patients do not recall the procedure.

Yes, you will be conscious during your treatment. However, you will be in a very deep state of relaxation.

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