Dentures in Orange County

Dentures in Orange County

Well-Fitting, Lifelike Dentures

Dr. Choi is extremely skilled and experienced in the art of creating dentures. He offers high-quality dentures that look natural, fit comfortably and provide the best chewing power. Like a jeweler, he uses the highest-quality materials and takes meticulous care with the details to make each denture the best it can be. Despite their high quality, Dr. Choi’s dentures are competitively priced.

Highly Skilled and Experienced Denture Dentist

Dr. Choi has over 20 years of experience creating well-fitting high-end dentures. He also trains other dentists throughout US in dental continuing meetings. 

Dr. Choi has excellent technical skills and customizes each denture to the shape of the patient's face and mouth. Because of his training and experience, he uniformly achieves excellent results.

Our High-Quality Dentures

Dr. Choi uses the best materials to create all of his dentures. He will evaluate your case to decide which materials, and which type of denture, will work best for you. He works closely with special lab technicians who are very skilled in creating aesthetic, comfortable and well-functioning dentures.

Dr. Choi provides several types of high-quality dentures, including dentures that are digitally designed and created on a 3D printer. Digital dentures have a high degree of accuracy in their fit and are made out of strong, durable acrylic. Dr. Choi is a consultant for Glidewell Laboratories, a leader in digital denture technology.

Geneva Dentures—Best Looking, Most Comfortable Dentures

Geneva 2000 Dentures

Geneva 2000 dentures are a highly customized, natural-looking denture option.

Dr. Choi provides Geneva 2000® dentures—special dentures that are custom-designed to look, feel and function more like natural teeth. The design of your Geneva dentures starts by carefully measuring any remaining natural teeth, as well as the gum line, lipline and other facial features. The design of the dentures is completely customized and takes into consideration the age, sex, skin tone and personality of the patient.

The denture teeth are made in Switzerland and are fabricated of high-quality, layered porcelain that gives the same translucent look as natural teeth. Each tooth is individually handcrafted to give it a natural shape. Unlike acrylic denture teeth, the porcelain teeth in Geneva 2000 dentures are plaque-resistant and color-fast, and they are strong, which makes them resistant to wear.

Because of the precise measurements taken of your gums, teeth and other oral and facial structures, these dentures look like natural teeth and fit well. This also allows for better chewing. The lower denture is stable, natural-looking and aesthetic. Due to the unique shape of the molars and how they fit together when you bite, these dentures don't slip in your mouth. This gives you considerably more chewing power than generic dentures and helps to reduce bone loss in the lower jaw bone.

Dr. Choi received special training from the Geneva Dental Institute so he is able to offer these top-of-the-line dentures. Dr. Choi has been providing Geneva dentures to his patients for over 20 years.

Types of Dentures We Offer

Partial dentures

Dr. Choi provides high-quality partial dentures to replace one or more missing teeth.

No-metal partials

No-metal partial denture

No-metal partial denture

No-metal partials are made of high-quality acrylic and are more flexible and comfortable than traditional partials made with metal clasps. Dr. Choi provides Valplast® no-metal partials that are extremely durable and resistant to wear.

Immediate dentures

When all teeth in a dental arch need to be extracted and replaced with a denture, an “immediate” denture is placed right after the extraction procedure. This is a temporary denture, specifically used to provide you with teeth as your mouth heals. Wearing the denture also helps the healing process. After healing is complete, you will receive a permanent denture.

Full dentures

Full dentures Orange County

Full dentures

Dr. Choi provides several types of full dentures. Regular, traditional dentures are made of acrylic and have either a hard or soft inner lining. The denture base and teeth are usually created separately and then fit together. 

Digital dentures are designed with special software and created on a 3D printer. They are made out of high-quality, medical-grade acrylic, which is strong and durable.

Dr. Choi also provides premium Geneva Dentures. Geneva dentures are the most stable, natural-looking traditional dentures available.

Dr. Choi helps his patients choose the type of denture that best fits their needs, goals and budget. All of Dr. Choi’s dentures are crafted with the greatest amount of care.

Implant-supported dentures to stabilize your dentures

Fixed-in implant-supported denture

Fixed-in implant-supported denture

Implant-supported dentures are the latest innovation in full-arch tooth replacement. They come in two types: fixed-in and removable.

Implant-supported dentures are the most stable type of dentures, and they are very natural-looking and long-lasting. They are closest to having natural teeth. Learn more about our implant-supported dentures.

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